Sal Army Evacuates Brazzaville Expats

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In the midst of continued fighting in the Congo, Salvation Army properties on the Training College compound were looted and Salvation Army personnel ordered to leave during Christmas week.

The compound had been providing temporary accommodation for the territorial headquarters. Territorial leaders and reinforcement personnel left the capital city, Brazzaville, and traveled to the coastal port of Pointe Noire.

All reinforcement officers have been repatriated to their home territories with the exception of Captain Heidi Opplinger, the training principal, who remains in Pointe Noire for the time being. The Territorial Commander is directing operations from a temporary headquarters in Pointe Noire.

“Current reports from Kinshasa, across the river in the Democratic Republic of Congo, are that the heavy gunfire in the suburb in which the Training College compound is situated has ceased. However, gunfire is still being heard in other parts of the city,” reports Commissioner David Edwards, territorial commander.

While the government has declared that all is calm in the capital, the area of Southern Brazzaville has been the center of heavy fighting and the Red Cross is still unable to enter the area.

“All Salvationists are asked to pray for our comrade Congolese officers and soldiers who are still in the center of great danger and uncertainty,” says Edwards.

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