Russia Problems Mount

Volgograd Mugging, Burglary Injure Army Worker

“Early in the morning, two men entered our corps building and bound and gagged our watchwoman, breaking two of her ribs,” reports Captain Candi Smalley, who with her husband Chuck, are Volgograd, Russia, corps officers.

“They broke down doors until they found every piece of electrical equipment we had, much of which we brought with us when we arrived in Russia two and a half years ago. Two computers, a printer, a piano, and our brand new copy machine were among the items taken. They even took the extra toner and copy paper.” In all, approximately $10,000 (U.S.) worth of items were stolen.

According to Smalley, the robbers were pros who wore gloves and sprinkled tobacco around to throw off their scent for the police dogs.

“Our employees are devastated and we are all saddened by the loss,” she adds. “But we have tried to assure them that at times like this our understanding of Scriptural admonitions, such as ‘Count it all joy…,’ ring true and that we can count many blessings. For example, no lives were lost, only earthly possessions.” Unfortunately, there is no insurance for this type of loss in Russia.

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