Red River Floods Devastate No. Dakota

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West Volunteers Dispatched To Aid Stricken Area

As record floodwaters slowly recede in North Dakota and Minnesota, Salvation Army staff and volunteers numbering more than 28,300 are providing physical, emotional and spiritual support to flood victims and disaster workers.

Among them are a team of six westerners: Cadets Kyle Smith and Jose Gonzales; Envoys Ken Mowery, El Paso Citadel and Jack Williams, Denver ARC; Lt. Daniel Williams, San Rafael; and Capt. George Beauchamp, Santa Fe, N.M., who flew to Fargo, N. D., to assist with operation of the Army’s 80,000 sq. foot warehouse.

The warehouse serves as a main distribution center for food and supplies for the entire Red River Valley. The Salvation Army also operates a massive feeding site and shelter at the Grand Forks Air Base, providing meals and lodging for more than 5,000 evacuees.

Del Oro Dedicates New Headquarters

Del Oro Dedicates New Headquarters

By Barbara Little –  Though the sky was overcast, it did not dampen the

Spiritual Life Commission Meets

Spiritual Life Commission Meets

By A/CSM Warren C

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