Rader Urges Aid To the World’s Poor

Self Denial

General Paul Rader –

Self Denial is a vital part of being a Salvationist anywhere in our needy world. It expresses our commitment to one another. It strengthens our global fellowship in bonds of love and service.

Each year you require the best possible publicity material to strengthen your appeal to all Salvationists to participate sacrificially. Such information must be informative, fresh and striking. Not all will be aware that last year there was a shortfall of about £2 million between the income to the Self Denial Fund and needs of territories /commands in the developing world–much of it due to inflation. This gap will increase unless we can improve our income to the fund. Present estimates suggest that we will need an income of £20 million in five years time to maintain, let alone continue to expand our ministry.

Mrs. General Rader and I have had the privilege of visiting every continent in the last two years and we have witnessed at first hand the dedicated lives and service of thousands of Salvationists and lay workers. We have seen commitment beyond the ordinary for the cause of Christ.

This year we are providing every territory/ command with new videos of the work of the Army in two lesser known parts of the world. The first of these is South America West (Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia). You will also be receiving a set of excellent still photographs taken by Staff Photographer Robin Bryant (UK) on special assignment to Latin America this year. The second video features the work in two former Communist countries (Latvia and the Czech Republic). These are but representative of the expanding ministries of the Army which are ongoing in 103 countries of the world.

I know that you will want to make full use of these audio-visual materials to support your presentation of the appeal so that the fight may go on, achieving unimagined victories in the name of Jesus. Thank you for the sacrificial efforts that you and your people have been making in support of our global Self Denial appeal.

God bless you!

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