Rader Announces Youth Forum

“Breakthrough Generation”

Five hundred committed young Salvationists ages 18-30 will gather in Cape Town, South Africa in January 1997 to exchange views and communicate their expectations and priorities for the Army of the future.

The International Youth Forum, initiated by General Paul A. Rader, has as its theme “Breakthrough Generation.” Rader states: “We need to listen to the voice of youth and to provide a forum for the exchange of views between representatives of various cultures and Salvation Army traditions. There is a need to generate initiatives in program and action and foster an appreciation for the caliber and commitment of Salvationist youth from around the world. We need to communicate Salvationist priorities for the future to key youth leaders, seeking to motivate and inspire their total devotion to Christ and their commitment to the mission of The Salvation Army.”

According to the Chief of the Staff Commissioner Earle A. Maxwell, the gathering-which has the distinction of being designated a forum, not a congress-has been limited in size to facilitate dialogue. “Five thousand delegates speaks of fellowship; 500 speaks of movement toward decision.”

Workshop presenters and facilitators will bridge cultural divides to facilitate fruitful discussion and decision making. According to Captain Clive Adams, who with his wife Captain Marianne Adams are coordinators of the forum, delegates are being selected on a quota basis by the 50 territories and commands around the world.

“It is the General’s intention that the agenda for the forum be decided by the youth themselves, and many interesting and thought provoking suggestions have already been proposed,” remarked Adams. “This is a unique initiative, and carries the potential for tremendous benefit to the Army in fulfilling its mission in the 21st century.”


14 Western Delegates Named

By Lisa Brodin Smith – 

Joining the 500 delegates who will convene at Cape Town University, South Africa, for the International Youth Forum will be 14 delegates from the Western Territory. The Western representatives were selected by means of a territorial essay contest.

Responding to the question “What do you feel is the most important issue facing the church in the 21st century?” young people from throughout the territory submitted essays expressing their concerns and hopes for the church of this generation. They also explained what they hoped to contribute to and receive from the Forum if chosen as delegates. A judging committee made up of Territorial Headquarters and College for Officer Training officers evaluated the essays, which were judged without names on them. Delegate appointments were made based on averaged scores and divisional representation.

Official Western Territory delegates to the International Youth Forum are: Joy Balauro, Hanapepe Corps, Hawaii; John Desplancke, Redding Corps, Calif.; Michael Freeman, Tustin Ranch Corps, Calif.; Aimee Gaines, Torrance Corps, Calif.: Emma Garcia, Bakersfield Temple, Calif.; Christopher Hoogstad, Spokane Citadel, Wash.; Susan Horton, Springfield Corps, Ore.; Benjamin Logston, Amador Valley Corps, Calif.; Kenneth Lyons, Seattle Temple, Wash.; Matthew Madsen, El Cajon Corps, Calif.; Cory Peacock, El Cajon Corps, Calif.; Melissa Seid, San Francisco Asian American Corps, Calif.; Regina Shull, Anchorage Citadel, Alaska; Rachel Utrera, Tucson Temple, Ariz.

To these 14 young people comes the exciting and challenging privilege of representing the views and concerns of the youth of our territory in this international setting. Delegate Ken Lyons writes, “The Youth Forum represents a tremendous opportunity because of the vast knowledge and perspective offered by each different culture represented, bound by our faith in God and The Salvation Army.” Joy Balauro adds, “Something exciting always seems to happen when there is a gathering of young people from many different parts of the world . . .We play a vital role in the direction of The Salvation Army in the 21st century.” The Forum theme, “Breakthrough Generation,” expresses the important position young Salvationists have as the generation which will “break through” into the new century with new expressions of Salvationism. General Paul A. Rader has specifically called this Forum into being so he can hear the voice of that new generation who will lead the Army into the 21st century. Topics on the agenda for discussion at the Forum include Salvation Army Essentials, Theology of Leadership, Cross-Cultural Ministry, Ethics, Media and Technology, Music and Worship, Youth Ministry and Confronting Social Problems.

In order for our delegates to properly represent the whole of the youth of our territory, a Territorial Forum is scheduled to be held in conjunction with the Western Youth Institute, August 19-25, 1996, at Camp Redwood Glen. All young Salvationists are encouraged to attend and voice their opinions in this venue.


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