Puyallup Corps meets multiple needs

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 by Dianne Madsen, Captain – 

This is an exciting time in the life of the Puyallup Valley, Wash., corps because of the limitless potential that is here—but more importantly because of the faithfulness of God!

The senior center that operates out of the corps is a vital component of the senior community in Puyallup. On most days of the week you can find a variety of activities for seniors that range from exercises to computer classes through the E-quip for Success program. Friendly chatter resounds upstairs as old friends and new acquaintances gather for food, fellowship and opportunities to learn.

Downstairs, wonderful volunteers and dedicated staff provide for the needs of those who come to us for not simply a hand out, but a hand up. Our busy food bank is always bustling with donations coming in—and often the donations are going out as fast as we can get them in. This ministry is staffed mostly with volunteers who treat everyone with great respect and care. All clients are called by their first name, not simply given a number. It’s a small thing, but it helps build some dignity for our clients when they are already in a difficult situation.

A typical Sunday morning finds the holiness meeting beginning amid a buzz of conversation—friends catching up with each other and visitors being welcomed.

Another growing strength in Puyallup is in our advisory organizations. Our advisory board has grown exponentially in a short period of time, and they are searching for ways to make a positive, lasting impact on this community. The women’s auxiliary is motivated to make a difference through the giving of themselves and a commitment to doing the most good. One way they do this is running the Giving Tree program for our Christmas assistance. From staffing the tree, to writing the angels, these angels themselves work hard to help provide a good Christmas for the children of Puyallup.

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