Pray for Operation Desert Rose

As part of its widening commitment to world evangelization, The Salvation Army has launched a prayer initiative, Operation Desert Rose, focusing on the people of the Middle East and North Africa.

The Army has not traditionally been involved in the Middle East and North Africa, other than for brief excursions for emergency relief work. Through Operation Desert Rose, it seeks to reach the people of these regions and to open further avenues to spread the gospel of Christ. Prayer is vital; through it, Christians align themselves with the mission of Christ.

Commissioner Paul du Plessis, commissioner for world evangelization, said, “If we are to make even the first tentative steps into the least-evangelized world of the Middle East and North Africa, we need to start planning.”

Presenting the proposal to the International Management Council, General John Larsson said: “Operation Desert Rose aims to raise awareness of, cultivate prayer for and nurture hope in a significant part of the world…I hope Salvationists and other Christians will register their support by contacting the Office for World Evangelization. I do not at this stage envisage the Army starting work in any of these countries. Any further action that God may require of us will be known by collective understanding as we discern his will.”

Anyone who wishes to register for the introductory bulletin and the biweekly guide to prayer should e-mail: and include the words ‘Operation Desert Rose’ in the subject line. More information on Operation Desert Rose is available on the International Headquarters website:

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