Pinehurst installs auxiliary officers


NEW OFFICERS are: President-Marian Yelland; vice-president – Rita Heiser; treasurer – Carolyn Marcus, corresponding secretary – Pat Mertens; and recording secretary – Pam Abbis.

The Salvation Army Pinehurst Auxiliary met for their installation of officers recently. A ribbon installation ceremony, courtesy of Lt. Colonel Alice M. Smith (R), was used to make this a memorable event.

“The new officers accepted their responsibilities for the year 2001 in a beautiful spirit of unity,” said Major Marilyn Gregory, director special services. “Pinehurst Auxiliary has a deep interest in the work of Pinehurst Lodge, now in its 26th year of operation. Currently under the direction of Gregory and her husband, San Francisco ARC Administrator Major Robert Gregory, Pinehurst cares for 24 women who are recovering from substance abuse. Philip Beebe is director of rehabilitation services.

“The Auxiliary is generous in their support of Pinehurst Lodge, as well as the women in the program at Pinehurst, having contributed more than $9,000 in various projects during 2000,” Gregory said.

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