Physicians advise General Clifton not to fly to Commissioning.

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LONG BEACH, CA. May 29, 2009 “With sincerest regrets we announce that General Shaw Clifton and Commissioner Helen Clifton will be unable to be present for our territorial commissioning events as well as gatherings in Oakland and Seattle. This decision is due to the General’s need to adhere to his physician’s advice that he not fly,” stated Commissioner Phillip Swyers, territorial commander, in a letter to command heads today.
Colonel, William Harfoot, territorial chief secretary, noted “how encouraged the territorial leaders were by the quick and positive response of command leaders in following through with all planning for the various meetings scheduled. Our national leaders, Commissioners Israel and Eva Gatither, will be our guests. We are looking forward to inspirational meetings, and we know that the Holy Spirit will be present to bless our open hearts,” Harfoot said.
Both Swyers and Harfoot have urged Salvationists to continue to support our General and his wife with prayer.

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