New writer for Words of Life

The Salvation Army’s devotional book has a fresh voice and a new look.


Major Bev Ivany

Words of Life—The Salvation Army’s international daily devotional book—introduces a new writer with its January to April 2012 edition. The book, published every four months, will also make some design changes, giving it a fresh, new look.

Major Bev Ivany, from Canada, brings a fresh style to this daily devotional book. Each week, Words of Life will include three daily devotions from the Old Testament, two from the New Testament, with Psalms and Proverbs featured on Saturdays and a Salvation Army song or hymn each Sunday. The devotions offer one main idea aimed at bringing an inspirational moment to the readers’ day—drawing them closer to God.

Each entry includes the Scripture reading and a short devotional thought. Over the next three years, every book of the Bible will be covered under the themes of faith, hope and love.

“The purpose of Words of Life is to inspire and encourage Christians through Scripture,” said Ivany. “The readings are not cumbersome. They’re simply an opportunity for people to get into the habit of starting their day with God.”

Words of Life is available in Salvation Army trade stores and in some Christian bookstores. Because of its international audience, Ivany avoids using North American terminology and anecdotes.

“The books also have guest writers who represent a variety of countries as we try to relate to people around the world,” Ivany said. “The benefit of it being an international publication is that on any given day, you know that other Salvationists and Christians are reading the same words as you and sharing in that intimate way with God. That connects and unifies us.”

Having written more than 100 articles for Salvation Army publications and three books—Kid Talk, Teen Talk and Mentorship: A Guide for Developing Healthy Mentoring Relationships—Ivany comes to this appointment hoping to encourage people to “take time with the Father daily as you meditate upon his Word. Ask Jesus to interpret his Word and speak to your heart. And open yourself to the Spirit as he brings inspiration.”

From the article, “Words to Inspire and Encourage,” by Julia Hosking


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