New partnership helps keep Salvation Army service delivery on track

A new partnership between The Salvation Army and US Fleet Tracking is enhancing service delivery for those impacted by Hurricane Florence, including those in the Cape Fear region of North Carolina, through live GPS tracking and vehicle monitoring.

“It was especially helpful at the beginning of our response in Wilmington and its surrounding counties because so many roads were closed from flooding and downed trees,” said Alvin Migues, Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) Director for the Texas Division. “Because of the tracking devices, we could see exactly where our teams were and re-route them safely to reach people who needed our help.”

The tracking devices are placed on Salvation Army EDS vehicles and equipment, including mobile feeding units, personnel sleeping units, generators, and off-road utility vehicles.

The devices not only help get teams to the areas of greatest need safely, they are also used to produce the most up-to-date information on service locations and provide situational awareness for The Salvation Army’s partners in emergency management.  

“To see how US Fleet Tracking plays a role in helping The Salvation Army coordinate and provide relief efforts is both exhilarating and humbling,” said Sam Sims, spokesperson for US Fleet Tracking. “Each situation and its effects will be different, which is why live location and tracking information is critical for The Salvation Army’s deployment of resources. Having the knowledge of assets’ positions is yet another logistics puzzle piece that is easier to coordinate and position in the most-needed locations.”

The Salvation Army will continue to explore how live GPS tracking can expand the level of care and service provided during future disaster response.

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