New media push reaches youth

YouthAd03The Salvation Army in Canada has embarked on a campaign to address issues facing Canada’s youth.

The Salvation Army in Canada embarked on an innovative, hard-hitting advertising campaign designed to address issues facing youth there.

The Army placed wall posters in more than 10 universities across the country along with ads in university and other urban publications—all designed to capture attention. Each ad and poster show the services the Army offers in a way that is appealing and relatable to college students.

The ads depict the personal stories of real people who were helped through these services to the point that their lives were revolutionized and set back on track. One poster has the outline of a bottle, which is comprised of text that tells the story of one individual’s battle with alcoholism. Others share tales of people who escaped lives of crime and overcame drug addiction with the Army’s assistance.

From Salvationist

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