Myanmar response continues

The Salvation Army plans to distribute food through 2008.

Community members carry building materials [Photo courtesy of International Headquarters].

Nearly six months after Cyclone Nargis swept across the southern part of Myanmar, causing destruction and major loss of life, Salvation Army personnel continue helping those affected, providing food, other necessities and materials to rebuild houses.

A committed and dedicated response of Salvationists in the area has allowed a continual program of feeding and support since the cyclone struck. The plan is to continue food distribution in 26 villages and communities in the regions surrounding Yangon until the end of 2008. To date, at least 25,000 people have received food and survival equipment—helping them live in the difficult circumstances caused by the cyclone.

In addition, the Army is also assisting in five different locations with the repair and reconstruction of more than 1,000 houses, ensuring that over 5,000 people will have safe housing and shelter. Work is completed on more than 300 homes so far.

“It has been a privilege to work with the highly committed Salvationists and officers of the Myanmar Region,” said Major Mike Caffull, field operations officer for international emergency services, who has visited the devastated areas. “In addition to the normal service they give for their work, these people have given of themselves continually in support of their fellow country-people in order to bring relief and some hope after the difficulties they have been facing.”

Team members in Myanmar know they have only scratched the surface of meeting the need.

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From an international news release

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