Millennium Congress Planning Heats Up

Atlanta, Ga.–2000

General Paul A. Rader has announced the theme for the International Millennial Congress, to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, June 28-July 2, 2000, is The Army Next–Carrying the Flame into the Future. The theme was based upon recommendations received from the Congress Planning Advisory Committee and the recent International Conference of Leaders,

Responding to the announcement, Colonel Raymond A. Cooper, chief secretary, Southern Territory, and congress executive officer, emphasized the spiritual goals of the event. “The congress will present Salvationists with an opportunity to reconsecrate themselves to the Lord, to his Word, to the Great Commission, and to making our movement an even more effective instrument for his purposes.”

The Congress is expected to draw about 15,000 delegates from around the world. It will be the seventh International Congress in the Army’s history.

The theme is based on the challenge and promise of Joshua 3:5: “Consecrate yourself, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” The congress will challenge delegates to build on all that God has already accomplished through the Army and focus on the next step in their personal relationship with the Lord and the next challenge for the Army’s ministry as it prepares to carry the flame of the Holy Spirit into the new millennium.

The General has approved the following goals for the congress: 1. Worship–Honor the Lord and affirm the Army’s place in the church universal; 2. Proclaim–Declare salvation for the whole person; 3. Inspire–Educate and equip delegates for the future; 4. Recruit–Recruit men, women and children to become involved with the Army’s ministries and programs; and 5. Celebrate–Affirm the internationalism of the Army, its relevance for the 21st century, and our commitment to world evangelization.

Under the theme, The Army Next–Carrying the Flame into the Future the International Millennial Congress will call Salvationists to look beyond the status quo and imagine what the Army could be in their corps and their community in the 21st century.

Upcoming issues of New Frontier will provide registration information. Registration begins in January 1999.

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