Massive quake hits Pakistan

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Over 30,000 die and over 42,000 injured as temblor rumbles through Kashmir region.


OCTOBER 10, 2005—The Salvation Army responded swiftly to the south Asian earthquake—the worst natural disaster in Pakistan’s history—which brought death and destruction to northwest Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, by mobilizing two truckloads of relief supplies for travel to the worst-hit region of Pakistani-controlled Kashmir as soon as roads were clear.

Along with supplies held in store for such an emergency, additional items including food, clothing, and tents were purchased in Lahore—where supplies were more readily available—and plans were made to drive them to Abbotabad. Salvation Army officers will accompany the trucks and supervise the distribution within a 50-kilometer radius of the town.

The numbers of those dead and injured by the earthquake change by the hour; recent statistics predict up to 40,000 dead, with tens of thousands injured and/or homeless and in direct need of assistance.

Donations towards The Salvation Army’s South Asia Disaster Fund are welcomed at 1-800-SAL-ARMY or online at

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