Lytton ARC beneficiaries speak at local high school

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Sharing their lives, four men stress that choices have consequences.  

By Veronica Velez –

Four beneficiaries of the Lytton Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) recently served as guest speakers over two days to students at Windsor High School in Windsor, Calif., at the request of school administration.

Kris, Andrew, Matt and Nick—their names written on the classroom board—didn’t lecture on science, algebra, history or geography. The topic was about broken lives and new beginnings. All four took their turn standing up sharing with the students about their life’s journey and how they got to where they are today.

“I grew up in a normal family,” said one. “I grew up with alcoholic parents,” said another. “My father and I got high together until dad died from an overdose on meth and I lost him.”

Nick, an award-winning football player, was offered a full scholarship to a Division 1A college. When he injured his back and had to have surgery, he was prescribed opiates for pain relief—and it led to a much different future.

The men didn’t hold anything back from students, explaining how addiction is a disease, but because of pride, arrogance and denial they had lived in hiding from who they had become. They emphasized: choices have consequences.

Students wrote questions on slips of paper that were handed randomly to the speakers.

“Do you regret and feel guilty about your past?”

“Yes, for a long time, but now I’ve found forgiveness from God and that helps me move forward.”

“How hard is it to stop using drugs?”

“For me, it was very hard. I couldn’t sleep for 20 days, but it was worth it because now I have my family back.”

“Do you wish you never did drugs?”

“I found peace by surrendering to God and if I didn’t screw up so bad I may never have found this new life.”

The men ended with a redemption story of how The Salvation Army opened their eyes with an introduction to God, Alcoholics Anonymous, counseling and other life-saving recovery skills.

Administrators of the Lytton ARC hope the bi-annual visit to Windsor High School and annual visit to Cloverdale High School will help students know there is hope for the addicted, that there are careers available to help those addicted, and that choices have consequences.


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