Luttrell Leads Mt. Crags ‘Faith Walk’

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Recently, 286 officers, directors, employees, and men from 11 Southern California Adult Rehabilitation Centers gathered for a “faith walk” retreat at Camp Mt. Crags. Colonel Bill Luttrell, chief secretary, was special guest speaker for the Saturday evening and Sunday morning services, challenging everyone in attendance to keep the faith.

Other special guests included comedian Scott Wood, humorist and musician Michael Brown, musician Ed Pollack, and author/teacher Dr. John Townsend. A member of “Clean Comedians,” Wood definitely has a God-given talent for making people laugh, but he also has an inspiring testimony of overcoming drugs and alcohol.

Michael Brown presented a unique recovery message through song and humor. Townsend shared the recovery message from God’s Word. Ed Pollock, a soldier at Pasadena Tabernacle, presented several songs of inspiration.

The men of the ARC also had time for many other activities. Many took part in hikes throughout the campgrounds, while others enjoyed basketball and volleyball. Everyone enjoyed the cookouts and barbecues. There were morning devotions, 12-step meetings, singspirations, and the opportunity to share one’s faith with others in recovery.

The weekend climax came on Sunday morning when more than 50 men responded to Luttrell’s challenge to “become men of faith.” The evidence of God’s Spirit was apparent to everyone, and the faith walk retreat had made a lasting impression on those who attended.

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