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It’s been an especially hard year (or two) to be poor in America.

Last fall, a Columbia University study found the number of Americans living in poverty grew by 8 million since May 2020—putting the total at 55 million people.

It marked the biggest jump in a single year since the government began tracking poverty 60 years ago.

So what happens to those kids? Studies suggest children who spend at least half of their lives in poverty are 32 times as likely to be poor as adults. Which means a continued, intergenerational cycle of life-long poverty.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With access to adequate resources, support and guidance, there is a way out.

That’s the premise of The Salvation Army’s national initiative—the Pathway of Hope—which began roughly 10 years ago to provide individualized services to families with children. By addressing immediate material needs and providing long-term engagement, it aims to stabilize families and stop the chronic cycle.

The essential ingredient? Hope.

This season on the Do Gooders Podcast, we’re exploring the many facets of Pathway of Hope to focus on poverty in America and how The Salvation Army is fighting back.

Listen in this fall to a new season of the Do Gooders Podcast featuring:

9/13  Episode 88 Pathway of Hope: Introducing The Salvation Army’s initiative to solve intergenerational poverty with Ron Skeete

9/20  Episode 89 Pathway of Hope: The state of poverty today and what it means for families with Dr. Elaine Waxman

9/27  Episode 90 Pathway of Hope: Why we all need community with Trina Crawford

10/4  Episode 91 Pathway of Hope: What hope does for our minds and bodies with Dr. Suzanne Phillips

10/11 Episode 92 Pathway of Hope: How it all came to be with Commissioner Carol Seiler

10/18 Episode 93 Pathway of Hope: The key components of psychological self-sufficiency with Dr. Philip Hong 

10/25 Episode 94 Pathway of Hope: My testimony is hope with Lt. Katherine Reid

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West holds ‘Doorway to Opportunity’ Conference, awards development team

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