Leadership changes announced


General John Gowans, the Army’s international leader, has announced a number of leadership changes effective upon the retirement of Commissioners David and Doreen Edwards, July 1, 2002.

Colonel Linda Bond, chief secretary for the Canadian and Bermuda Territory, has been named territorial commander for the U.S.A. Western Territory with the rank of commissioner.

Colonels Philip and Keitha Needham, the West’s chief secretary and territorial secretary for women’s organizations have been appointed territorial commander and territorial president of women’s organizations respectively for the U.S.A Southern Territory with the rank of commissioner.

Lt. Colonels Donald and Debora Bell, divisional commander and divisional director of women’s organizations, have been named to succeed the Needhams as chief secretary and territorial secretary of women’s organizations.

Bond, born into the home of a Canadian miner, is the youngest of 13 children and has been an officer within The Salvation Army for 33 years. She served in corps appointments in four different Canadian provinces and has served on the staff of both the Newfoundland and Toronto Colleges for Officer Training. She has led two divisions – one in Nova Scotia and the other in the United Kingdom. In 1995 she was appointed undersecretary for personnel at International Headquarters, and in 1996, General Paul Rader appointed her to the International Spiritual Life Commission. She assumed her current responsibility in 1999. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Education.

She is convinced of the Christian imperative for action within society and firmly believes that God will equip the Army with visionary leaders to face the pressing demands of the new millennium.

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