Korea launches its first ARC unit

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USA Western Territory assists in planning.

In May 2007, the Korea Territory launched the Iljook Adult Rehabilitation Program—the first of its kind there—together with the new Dong An Sung Corps.

Commissioners Robert F. Saunders and Carol Saunders, along with Majors Ron Strickland (then Western Territory ARC commander) and Pam Strickland, officiated at the dedication, where they represented Commissioner Philip Swyers and the Western Territory.

Commissioner Chun, Kwang-pyo, Korea territorial commander, led the proceedings and presented The Salvation Army flag to the corps officers of the new corps.

West provides assistance
In recent years, the Western Territory has assisted the Korea Territory in developing an Adult Rehabilitation Program. Korean officers have made visits to the West, receiving information and guidance in the operation of the ARC program. Western officers have in turn visited Korea giving recommendations for the development of the ARC. Visiting Western officers have been Lt. Colonel Dan Starrett, Lt. Colonel Bob Bodine, Major Ron Strickland and Captain Man-hee Chang (now Western Territory ARC commander).

Support from Samsun Foundation
These multiple visits enabled the implementation of many of the physical elements needed to commence the ARC, except for the residence and warehouse. These facilities have now been realized through a donation from the Samsun Foundation.

The CEO and Chairman of the Samsun Foundation, Mr. Shon, Il-sun along with his brother and sister, have a deep passion for the Army’s ARC program. Mr. Shon, Il-sun, mentioned that his late father had a burning desire to help their fellow countrymen. Following a visit to the West, Mr. Shon, Il-sun saw the potential of an ARC program for Korea and desired to donate the needed land and buildings.

These purpose-built buildings were erected and donated to The Salvation Army, thus completing the structural phase of the ARC development, and consist of a beautiful and bright residence building to accommodate 80 in the program, a well-designed warehouse and a two-story manager’s residence and guest apartment.

Red collection bins
Placed in strategic locations throughout the city are 40 red collection bins for people to donate items for the new Salvation Army thrift store. Major Kim, Nam-sun, territorial social secretary, commented that the citizens are learning about this new program of giving, and through the flow of donations much encouragement is being received towards this new ministry.

Retail sales have commenced through the new Sharing of Hope Thrift Store, which is located in a busy commercial area of downtown Seoul, and which was officially opened by Strickland. In addition to sales of donated merchandise, the store also sells Sally Coffee through a window counter to the street.

The Korean government is making available financial support to those specifically receiving rehabilitation through the ARC program.

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