Kenya’s “Women of Faith”

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Salvation Army helps women formerly trapped in sex trade.

Women grow vegetables on land donated by a recently commissioned corps officer.

In a recent edition of her African Adventure newsletter, Colonel Jolene Hodder wrote: “While visiting our founding group of 25 former sex workers—now called the “Women of Faith”—I was shocked and thrilled to find that the group has grown to 60 members. The first 25 are now completely off of the streets, and their mission is to bring other street workers to the Army for help.”

The women have united in their efforts to find other means of support for themselves and their families. They started a knitting business at divisional headquarters, and they are growing their own vegetables on land donated to the group by a recently commissioned, single male corps officer.

These women, who had fallen so low, show the victory possible when Christ enters a person’s life and raises her up from defeat.

Western officers Colonels Kenneth and Jolene Hodder currently serve in the Kenya East Territory; he is chief secretary and she is territorial leader of women’s ministries. In June they will move to International Headquarters where he will sere as legal and constitutional adviser to the General and as international secretary for personnel and she will serve as associate international secretary for personnel; they will be promoted to the rank of commissioner.

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