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The Salvation Army’s International Poverty Summit: The Salvation Army and the Poor, originally to be held in Bangladesh November 12-18, 2001 is now being conducted online on the Internet and through Lotus Notes.

The conference began November 12, and will continue through January 15, 2002. “All interested parties are encouraged to ‘attend’,” said Western Territorial Commander Commissioner David Edwards.

To access the conference on the Internet, go to: http:/ www. Anyone who accesses the Poverty Conference website can read all the articles and discussions. To take part in the discussion and make a comment or share a point of view, one must register at the main Salvation Army site at: http:/ regchoice

On Lotus Notes, the database is titled “Poverty Conference” (poverty.nsf). To obtain access, contact your local Lotus Notes Administrator/IT Department. Registration prior to joining the discussion is not necessary on Lotus Notes.

The conference is centered on five themes–for each, a moderator will monitor and manage the discussion and a report will be prepared highlighting the main issues discussed; these reports will form the basis of a final report to General John Gowans.

November 12-25

A Historical View of TSA and the Poor

Main paper–Major Seth Le Leu: “TSA and the Poor–Voices from the Past”

Roundtable subjects: SA missionary strategy and ministry to the poor; Race, racism and the poor; SA music and the poor; Evolving Salvationist identity; Caste, tribe, clan and the poor; Alcohol and the poor.

November 26-December 5

A Look at Poverty in the Context of Global Economics Today

Main paper–Dr. Jayakumar Christian (World Vision): “TSA and the Poor–Voices from our Partners”

Roundtable subjects: Land for the poor; Children are especially poor; Globalization and TSA; Refugees and asylum seekers are especially poor; Homeless and poor; TSA and international debt relief.

December 6-16

The Experience of Poverty

Main paper–Rev. Glenn Schwartz (World Mission Associates): “TSA and the Poor–Voices emerging from Dependency”

Panel discussion–“TSA and the Poor–Technology for life enrichment”

Information technology; The AV media; Behavioral and health sciences; Intermediate technology.

December 17-January 4

Upholding Spiritual Values in Poverty and When Emerging from Poverty

Main Papers–Major Bill Cochrane: “TSA and the Poor­Voices from Prosperous

Countries”; Oswald Malunda: “TSA and the Poor-Voices to Prosperous Countries”

Roundtable subjects–The psyche of poverty; Lifestyle and good news for the

poor; War, violence, TSA and the poor; Key moral issues in wealth and poverty;

Gender issues and the poor; Family life and the poor.

January 5-15

A Review of SA Programs and Policies to Date

Main paper–Lt. Colonel Ann Woodall: “TSA and the Poor­the voice of Donors”

Roundtable subjects–Micro credit; Promotional and fundraising policies and

the poor; Enterprise development; Emergency services and the poor; Health

Services and the poor; Education and the poor.

Army responds to New York plane crash

Army responds to New York plane crash

More than a dozen experienced grief counselors from The Salvation Army sought to

Extended benefits decision rescinded

Extended benefits decision rescinded

Editor’s note: The following statement emerged from the November 12 USA

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