International Spiritual Life Commission

Move Forward in Freedom

Two years ago I called into being The International Spiritual Life Commission to look at the heartbeat of God’s Army. The members of the Commission, drawn from different countries and cultures, have given dedicated and thorough attention to their task.

The results of their work are published here. I commend them to you. They call every Salvationist to explore with vigor and anticipation the God-given freedom the Army has in Christ, a freedom which, when fully embraced, confirms again and again the graciousness of God and His power to transform lives.

It is a freedom in which we are united worldwide through our faith. It is a freedom which allows for cultural differences and relevance. It is a freedom in which we rejoice and must move forward.

Let the Commission’s Call inspire you. Let it lead you into a more vital experience of faith as a Salvationist, a soundly biblical faith that springs to life through the power and presence of the Spirit of God at work within and among us.
Paul A. Rader

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