India’s forgotten earthquake victims

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Last October’s devastating earthquake in southern Asia is widely thought of as happening in Pakistan, yet thousands of people were severely affected on the Indian side of the border with Pakistan. The Salvation Army’s India Northern Territory has been assisting families in the Kashmir region whose lives were turned upside-down by the disaster.

Salvation Army relief workers from India responded immediately with deliveries of supplies and building materials to provide shelter from the region’s harsh weather. Due to the sensitive nature of this border area, The Salvation Army has been coordinating its relief distributions with the Indian military to ensure timely delivery of the supplies. More than 800 families received assistance. Lt. Colonel N. J. Vijayalakshmi—India National Emergency Services Consultant—reports that, although a lot of aid has been delivered, much more is still needed.

The earthquake caused many families to leave their villages to seek shelter in temporary camps. Vijayalakshmi and her team recently discovered one such camp, on the banks of a contaminated lake, housing 550 families. Responding to the desperate situation, The Salvation Army made an emergency delivery of 2,500 blankets and stocks of much-needed food rations.

With spring still a long way off, The Salvation Army will continue to do all it can to help families displaced by the earthquake. Donations are being sought to help continue the ministry of compassion and hope among the forgotten Indian people still suffering from the effects of October’s earthquake.

Online donations can be made via the International Headquarters web site:

—International Headquarters news release

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