India North to build 160 homes for tsunami victims

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The Salvation Army in the north of India is making good progress in aiding the tsunami victims who are still struggling to recover from the disaster which hit their area almost eight months ago. On August 10, a foundation stone was laid to mark the commencement of a project to build 160 permanent new homes in Andaman.

The stone was laid at the long-awaited event by Commissioner Paulose Yohannan, territorial commander, India Northern Territory, in the presence of Indian government dignitaries and representatives of other non-governmental organizations.

Also present was Dr. Madhu Krishna, who has spent many years working for the development of deprived people in that area of India. He played a valuable role in helping The Salvation Army obtain the necessary government permissions to construct the houses.

As well as building permanent new homes, The Salvation Army is rebuilding communities by helping individuals recover their livelihoods and providing day care centers, community halls and —perhaps most importantly—educational facilities for children affected by the disaster.

—Kathryn Payne, IHQ

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