IHQ to Develop Disaster Register

Volunteers Sought for Bosnia

International Headquarters has recently announced the establishment of an Emergency and Refugee Service, which will coordinate, integrate and extend international resources to respond to disasters or emergencies throughout the world.

According to Major Roland Sewell, emergencies and refugee coordinator at IHQ, the Army will compile an international “data bank” of personnel–officers, soldiers, and volunteers–who have the appropriate skills and attributes to work in support of and at the request of other Salvation Army territories, somtimes in locations where the Army has had no previous presence.

Needed are those with experience in: administration, agriculture, communications (radio/telephone, etc.), engineering, financial management, logistics, motor mechanics, medical and health, nutrition and feeding programs, pastoral and spiritual ministry, counseling, reconstruction and shelter, security, and water and sanitation.

Currently, the Army seeks personnel skilled in pastoral ministry, with some knowledge of Serbo-Croat language, to serve in Bosnia. While the Salvation Army has a good relationship with the local Orthodox priest, there is a need for someone to sensitively undertake specific aspects of ministry among the war afflicted.

In early 1997, additional personnel with skills in engineering, construction, agriculture and other technical disciplines will be needed for work in that location. They will join a closely knit, multi-disciplined team supported by a youthful local staff.

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