Human Hearts

Bullied for her differences, a determined young ballerina with cerebral palsy braves the stage only to be confronted by her greatest fear.

Read the transcript of the video here:

“If human hearts are often tender, and human minds can pity know, if human love is touched with splendor, and human hands, compassion show. If we will often share our gladness, if we respond when children cry, if we can feel each other’s sadness, each other’s tears attempt to dry. If sometimes we can live for others, and sometimes give, where gifts are spurned, if sometimes treat our foes as brothers, and love where love is not returned. Then how much more shall God, our Father, in love, forgive our wants supply, and none deny?”

Inspired by the song, “How much more?” by John Gowans and John Larsson. Salvation Army Songbook #467

Written and directed by Breeana Humble.

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