Hodders appointed to Kenya Territory

Cascade divisional leaders assume new responsibilities March 1, 2006.

“We are pleased to announce the General has selected officers from our territory for leadership positions on the international scene,” stated Commissioner Philip Swyers, territorial commander.

Majors Kenneth and Jolene Hodder, Cascade divisional commander and divisional women’s ministries director, respectively, have been appointed to serve in the Kenya Territory; they will be promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel.

Major Kenneth Hodder is appointed as chief secretary, and Major Jolene Hodder is appointed territorial leader of women’s ministries.

“We are delighted by the opportunities that these new appointments will present,” said Major Kenneth Hodder, “and we look forward to being part of the Army’s work in Kenya.”

“While we will certainly miss our Army family in the Cascade Division, it is time to allow new divisional leaders the awesome privilege of serving with such wonderful people here,” stated Major Jolene Hodder. “We feel incredibly privileged to be asked to serve God’s people in Kenya.”

The Hodders will succeed Lt. Colonels Lyndon and Julie Spiller who return to their home territory, Australia South.

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