Hodder Leads Sobriety Feast

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Alumni of the Tucson Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) were recently honored at their Annual Sobriety Banquet. Commissioner Kenneth L. Hodder (R), former national commander, was the keynote speaker. Major Daniel Starrett, ARCC commander, announced awards and took part in presenting certificates and medallions to nine new graduates. Commissioner Marjorie Hodder (R) and Major Helen Starrett shared in the evening’s events.

“I once was lost, but now am found; was blind, but now I see.” This line from “Amazing Grace,” by John Newton, aptly describes men and women entering ARCs all over the United States daily. It also shows how a man or woman can feel after surrender and learning how to walk with Christ.

This celebration puts added emphasis on what every person involved already knows: the final product is not what goes into the thrift stores to support the centers. It is the spiritually regenerated, rehabilitated man or woman who walks out those front doors, a living testimony to the power of Jesus Christ to change lives.

Hodder spoke to the three prime issues everyone needs to be aware of to make life a success: first, get started! Second, use your failures to learn, and it will get better. The road to success is studded with setbacks. Third: keep the faith…if we never give up and trust in God to see us through, we will win.

He pointed out that each of us is unique, “one of a kind,” and God has a very special plan for each of us.

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