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Salvation Army General John Gowans (1934-2012) penned the words to the song “His Provision,” which we have used as our theme for a series of devotionals by the same name. It speaks to our hearts and our souls and is so relevant for our day and age, because all of us in our life’s journey, somewhere along the way have struggled. We have become weary, discouraged and are fighting to keep the joy alive. 

Sometimes we feel weak. We’ve experienced pain in so many different ways. And the truth is that we just can’t do it on our own. But God makes his provision. 

In those days when we cannot manage, we feel lost, tired, alone, struggling, he is there and he sends his Holy Spirit to give power to you and me and to refresh our souls and renew our spirits. Days when we may not feel good, days when we think there is a dark cloud that surrounds us and we can’t get out from underneath it, days when we are bewildered, and even days when we feel like we are on our own and we’re deserted and no one cares. God still hears our prayer. Oh, we can take peace in that.

A friend of mine, Ray Johnston, pastor of a large church, used to say that “discouragement is where the devil wants you right before he rips out your heart.” 

It’s so easy today for us to slip into discouragement and to find things that would cause us to be fearful, cause us to be weak, cause us to lose our strength. In Scripture, 1 Thessalonians 4 it says to “encourage each other as long as it is today.” In Acts that encouragement brings strength to the brothers. That word, “encourage,” translated from Greek means to “bring courage,” to come alongside someone and lock arms and to help them along their path, to help them along their way. 

That’s what the Holy Spirit can do for you. But it’s also what we can do for each other. It’s so much easier when we encourage one another, rather than discourage. The world is full of discouragement around us if we want to look at it from that perspective, but we are made to be people of encouragement.

We can come alongside each other and let you know that you are his. And he is there to answer your prayers and to hear your cries and to know with assurance that his everlasting arms of love are there for you, to wrap around you and comfort you and give you strength and peace.

I hope that you enjoy this series, “His Provision,” and that you will share it with others. And that it would be an encouragement to you. And may it lift you and fill you with joy, love and the peace of God today.

Listen to the music of this song and as it plays, picture God’s majesty. What is God telling you today? Will you rely on His Provision?  

God bless you.

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