High Council to convene, will elect new General

On August 30, 2002, the Salvation Army’s High Council will convene at Sunbury Court, England, to elect the next General.

The Chief of the Staff calls the High Council, whose members are composed of all active commissioners except the spouse of the General, and all territorial commanders.

The 2002 High Council will be the largest in the history of The Salvation Army. There will be 87 members–49 men and 38 women–of whom 71 will be commissioners, 15 will be colonels, and one will be a lieutenant colonel.

Three of the members attended the High Councils held in 1993, 1994, and 1999. Thirty-two attended the 1999 High council, and 52 will be attending for the first time.

USA Western officers who will attend are: Commissioner Linda Bond, Commissioners Robert and Carol Saunders, Commissioners Bill and Gwen Luttrell, and Colonels Olin and Dianne Hogan.

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