Helping the hurting at Virgina Tech.

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Where there’s a need…

The Army responds


In Blacksburg, Virginia, at the campus of Virginia Tech University, representatives of The Salvation Army continue to reach out to those in need, offering both counseling and nutrition services.

The Salvation Army’s presence was evident in several places around and about the campus. At the Inn at Virginia Tech, friends and families of those slain or wounded grieved or waited for news about loved ones. With grief counselors on duty in many locations, one report tells of a particular counselor still on duty in the lobby at 2:30 a.m., unwilling to leave her post when she might still be needed. The writer notes, “On the coffee table were the assembled totems of instant therapy: donated bags of uneaten potato chips and a box of Kleenex. The trashcans were filled with Salvation Army coffee cups. The counselor had been working since noon, when identifications started coming in” (blog by Jason Cherkis, “The Night After”).

The Army was there, helping sustain the families and the grief counselor through the aftermath of the tragedy.

CNN radio correspondent Lisa Goddard reported on the Anderson Cooper 360 Blog that she saw three Salvation Army workers shopping for breakfast food for displaced students in the early hours of Tuesday morning at the local all-night Wal-Mart.

There to pick up a few necessities for herself, she discovered, “moving around the 24-hour superstore…the stories of the day.

“Captain Richard White of the Roanoke Corps is smiling in his Salvation Army uniform, but his eyes are turning red.”

The Salvation Army…still at the scene, doing whatever it takes to meet the needs of the suffering.

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