Hadleigh Farm Estate holds ‘Big Day Out’

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Special service celebrates 25th anniversary of the Hadleigh Training Centre

By Ally Howell – 

The Salvation Army Hadleigh Farm Estate celebrated its annual “Big Day Out,” with more than 800 people attending the festivities that featured tractor rides to scone-making workshops and meeting the animals in the Rare Breeds Centre.

A special service celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Hadleigh Training Centre, reflecting on the work and heritage of The Salvation Army in Hadleigh. The Salvation Army has worked at the center with people who face obstacles to entering employment to help them maximize their potential.

“It was such a joy to celebrate this achievement with both the trainees and members of the public and see everyone enjoying all that is on offer here in Hadleigh,” said Major Jacquie Hanover, Mission Director for Hadleigh Farm Estate.

Groups from various Salvation Army corps across London and Essex showed their support, providing stalls for the marketplace and members from Regent Hall Trombones and Hadleigh Temple Senior Band taking the bandstand.

“We are so glad that the weather held out so we could join together, reflect on the work that has been done at the center over this period, celebrate our trainees and say thank you to our staff,” Hanover said. “Our mission is for Hadleigh Farm Estate to be a place where the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of each individual are nurtured, and the Training Centre is a wonderful example of this.”

Through the center, trainees gain experience working in the fields of carpentry, horticulture, hospitality, Information Technology and with the animals at the Rare Breeds Centre. Some of the work of the trainees was also available for sale, including carpentry items, horticultural produce and the cakes and scones in the tea room.

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