How to examine your anxiety, and why

The interior examination of anxiety is a powerful practice to engage in. To be anxious is to be human. But to be regularly shaped by anxiety diminishes our human­ity. Therapist and pastor Peter Steinke noted two types of anxiety: acute and chronic. Acute anxiety is situational and time based. It is a momentary loss of […]


9 lessons learned this season on The Do Gooders Podcast

In the latest season of The Do Gooders Podcast—The Refining—our guests, in conversation with Caring Magazine editor Christin Thieme, took a closer look at how we can use this unique moment in time to take a step back and evaluate the way we live.  Are we going to take this opportunity to evolve? Are we […]


10 mental health resources to bring you hope and peace

Things are tough right now, leaving us with a range of emotions we may not have experienced before. We try to seek any semblance of normalcy, and amid that, we forget that the stress of it all is bound to take a toll on our mental health. In fact, a Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll […]


How to prevent burnout while serving others in crisis

The coronavirus pandemic. Wildfires and hurricanes. At-home schooling. Work deadlines. Doctor’s appointments. Checking in on neighbors. Friends. Family. Children.  Ask yourself: when was the last time you came up on the to-do list? If you paused as long as most of us did to think of the answer, you’re not alone. An estimated 40 million […]


What’s bugging you?

“Notice when you are bugged.” That statement stopped me short as I was reading Gem and Alan Fadling’s book. “What Does Your Soul Love?” The things that bug me can form a low hum in my brain throughout a day. They can spoil—or threaten to spoil—the other lovely moments of the day. I took that […]


Living ‘wide open’ to find love, liberation

My life’s experiences are like photographs—where dark and light, sun and shadow collide to create stories forever burned in my retina. When I first started playing with a Canon Rebel XT, one of the first models of consumer digital single lens reflex cameras (SLRs), I learned how the settings determine the amount of light that […]


5 ways to use mindfulness during and after a crisis

Take a long, slow deep breath. Feel your feet on the ground. Focus on this moment—right here, right now. While the coronavirus pandemic has impacted each and every one of us across the nation—and around the world— these past few months, the thought of slowing down right when things are picking back up might seem […]


Following God and finding the leader in you

God wants to use the power of your voice to answer the cry for authentic leadership Have you ever been in trials or battles so intense that you lost sight of who you were? Maybe you started to believe the things being said about you. Maybe you thought they were right about you. Perhaps you […]


How to use a crisis for personal growth

The word crisis has probably taken on a whole new meaning for you in the last few months. The pandemic has affected each of us—worldwide—on so many levels. Not only is there the physical health aspect, but also the financial, mental, spiritual and emotional impact. This crisis has added the unfamiliar stressors of a pandemic […]

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Building momentum for a movement in the North American church

Before any history-making transition, a few common traits emerge. Right before most movements, the following almost always occur: People are afraid to ask out loud big, important questions. Polarization and a sense of nostalgia escalates. Disconnected grassroots experiments take place on the margins. Before the movement there are sustained moments when all feels lost, when […]


Holding dual citizenship in the lands of normal and rare

Six weeks after giving birth to my second child, Petra, both of my girls lie face-up on the living room rug, gazing at me. The baby weighed eight pounds. The two-year-old, Fiona, weighed 16—almost half the size of typical kids her age. Already you could tell that the baby was destined for a different trajectory. […]


The way up is down when following Jesus

When I was little, my dad, whom I love deeply, would get in the silliest of moods. He attempted to humor me and my siblings, and also express love, with his rendition of iconic country singer Willie Nelson’s song “Always on My Mind.” Mostly my dad humored himself. My sister Michelle and brothers Kenny and […]