4 tests to discern God’s voice

As a pastor, I’ve encountered so many stories about people who claim to have heard from God but who really haven’t—or who have misused their proclamation of it. Maybe Tom is sure he’s heard from God that he’s going to […]

How to find margin and allow for the better yes

Perhaps saying yes isn’t a struggle for you. In fact, you love to say yes. Maybe you’ve said yes so often that now you feel as if you are in the circus. Remember the clown at the circus that juggled […]

Why you need to uncover your core beliefs

Our hurt, anger, anxiety and discouragement are often the result of a negative thought life. But sometimes, these emotional experiences are rooted in something deeper. Sometimes, they are the result of a deep set of personal beliefs about ourselves, other […]

5 ways to protect your emotional wellness in the in-between

We’re in the in-between phase of our transition out of the pandemic and this is one situation none of us have ever been through before. We’ll each be navigating in different ways depending on our specific situations—working from home or […]

Finding the unexpected power of selflessness

When I was but a young, self-proclaimed missionary attending church, my mother would play the piano and we’d sing the hymn Count Your Blessings, which encouraged us to name our blessings “one by one” to “see what God hath done.” […]

8 ways to boost your hope

Hope is hands down my favorite word. I can live without a lot of things, but hope is definitely not one of them. In fact, if I were forced to choose one word as my word forever, it would be […]


6 ways to give yourself grace one year into the pandemic

This year, the month of March marks one year from the time our lives were unexpectedly and incomparably disrupted. Isn’t it uncomfortable when we are forced out of our safety and routines?  Do you remember the moment when the reality […]


The secret to finding contentment

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil. 4:13).   These victorious words ring like they were spoken by a true champion. I can imagine them being uttered by the likes of William Wallace in the movie “Braveheart” […]


How to keep your New Year’s resolutions with two psychology-based strategies

Imagine one day you hear a knock at your door, and you open it to find a friendly man who introduces himself as a local volunteer for safe driving. He proceeds to ask if you would be willing to place […]


Here’s what happens when you start showing up

It may be time for you to just start. To not waste any more moments. To not wait on perfection. But to just get up from the floor, with wobbly knees, and start moving imperfectly into that thing that fear […]


9 lessons learned this ‘Savoring Simplicity’ season on The Do Gooders Podcast

In the latest season of The Do Gooders Podcast, each of the guests, in conversation with Caring Magazine editor Christin Thieme, took a closer look at how we can take control of our lives and restore peace during these turbulent […]


You owe me, God

“How’s Tim?” would be my anxious, recurring question to my wife Win in those calls from overseas. The first signs of my son’s Crohn’s disease (an inflammatory bowel disease with no known cause and no known cure) had appeared in […]