Building momentum for a movement in the North American church

Before any history-making transition, a few common traits emerge. Right before most movements, the following almost always occur: People are afraid to ask out loud big, important questions. Polarization and a sense of nostalgia escalates. Disconnected grassroots experiments take place on the margins. Before the movement there are sustained moments when all feels lost, when […]


Holding dual citizenship in the lands of normal and rare

Six weeks after giving birth to my second child, Petra, both of my girls lie face-up on the living room rug, gazing at me. The baby weighed eight pounds. The two-year-old, Fiona, weighed 16—almost half the size of typical kids her age. Already you could tell that the baby was destined for a different trajectory. […]


The way up is down when following Jesus

When I was little, my dad, whom I love deeply, would get in the silliest of moods. He attempted to humor me and my siblings, and also express love, with his rendition of iconic country singer Willie Nelson’s song “Always on My Mind.” Mostly my dad humored himself. My sister Michelle and brothers Kenny and […]


How the learning cycle helps us on the journey to wholeness

We will appreciate the value of remembering by first examining the danger of forgetting. Even a quick read of the Old Testament reveals a shocking memory loss for the Israelites. The following admonitions are framed in the context of warning and lament for having already forgotten: Be careful that you do not forget the Lord […]


The disciplined pursuit of pausing in a world full of “Go”

The first task of embracing uncomfortable is the purposeful choice of stepping into the discomfort of saying no regardless of the consequence. There is little hope of achieving the remaining elements of radical transformation without the discipline of pausing. This needs to be our life strategy. When I pitched Embracing Uncomfortable to my publisher, I […]


Officer moves: 10 tips for employees getting a new boss

Officers—or pastors—in The Salvation Army are generally moved to a new appointment every few years. And each year, many of these new appointments take effect in July.  The Western Territory’s Youth Department hosted Public Affairs and Communications Manager Kathy Lovin on its SAY Network Podcast to discuss how to navigate an officer or supervisor change […]


How to better prepare for a new normal in the reopening

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a rough year for the world. COVID-19 changed everything. Countless precious lives have been lost around the globe—with over 100,000 deaths in the U.S. alone, according to the Centers for Disease Control. So many people are losing their jobs, resulting in the country’s unemployment rate rising to […]


Here’s the roadmap to creating antiracism change today

By Kelly Rodriguez, LMFT– Raising a new generation in the middle of a time where we are faced with chaos is not an easy task. In the last few weeks we have watched injustice put in the spotlight, but in reality, this has been a problem for hundreds of years. In order to change a […]

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My ‘Imago Dei’ matters

There comes a point in every black person’s life when you realize that the world views you differently. Even with my fair skin, curly hair and light eyes, I realized this by the age of eight. We had just moved from Hawaii to a small town in Eastern Oregon, where anyone brown or black literally […]


In a crisis, you get to choose: Replicate or evolve

And the critical questions to ask in the slow-paced middle ground of refining Crisis has a way of revealing the truth. No matter what stage you may be in during this COVID-19 pandemic, discovering what’s real about your world and yourself can be disorienting. Like nearly everyone around the globe, you may find yourself impressed […]


It’s time to build your ship-like integrity

Have you ever taken one of those questionnaires that ends with, “If you answered yes to two or more of the questions, then you have a certain ailment.” As I have talked to many people over the past several weeks, there are some common themes that emerge that could be on a pandemic questionnaire: 1. […]

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What will your discomfort reveal?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, a full-time working person in the United States spends about eight and a half hours working per day on weekdays alone. That means that the average full-time worker is spending approximately 42.5 hours per week working. All the while, these hours do not include the time […]