10 good news stories to read today

It’s hard to escape the news these days—news that can feel heavy, dark and uncertain as the coronavirus outbreak spreads throughout the world. But there are good headlines too, from promising medical trials to recovered patients and reopenings in other parts of the world. Here’s 10 good news stories to read today.

1. Medical workers in Wuhan revealed smiles behind their masks after the city closed its last temporary hospital that was built to accommodate an overflow of coronavirus patients.

2. A Johns Hopkins researcher says antibodies from COVID-19 survivors could be used to treat patients and protect those at risk of the disease. 

3. Australian researchers are testing two drugs as potential cures for the disease.

4. Doctors in India say they cured three coronavirus patients with a combination of drugs used to treat the Swine Flu, Malaria and HIV.  

5. A Chinese grandmother, 103, recovered from coronavirus after being treated for less than a week.

6. Apple reopened its 42 retail stores in China, after closures to counteract the spread of COVID-19. Parks and tourist attractions are also reopening. 

7. Coronavirus cases have dropped sharply in South Korea—with the country now reporting more daily recoveries than new infections.

8. A U.S. volunteer received the first shot of an experimental coronavirus vaccine.

9. Three Maryland coronavirus patients fully recovered and were able to return to everyday life.

10. NASA pollution monitoring satellites show significant decreases in pollution over China.

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