General Cox speaks to New Frontier Publications

Just nine days following his election as the 20th international leader of The Salvation Army, General André Cox sat down for a telephone interview today with New Frontier Publications. He discussed everything from his own background, to current issues for the Army, and what he hopes to address in his first 100 days as General. Listen to nine of his answers here:

1. What led you to be an officer in The Salvation Army? Response.

2. How would you describe your relationship with your wife, and how do you balance work and family? Response.

3. What do you hope to address in your first 100 days as General? Response.

4. How would you describe the multiculturalism of The Salvation Army? Response.

5. The Salvation Army has faced controversy in its relationship with the LGBT community. What is your take? Response.

6. How can we approach those in need more effectively? Response.

7. Have we moved away from Founder William Booth’s vision of joining social services and spiritual ministry? Response.

8. In recent years, the Army has seen a few international leaders. What effect does rotating leadership at the top have on long-range planning for The Salvation Army? Response.

9. What would you say to those serving on the frontlines of The Salvation Army? Response.

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