General brings encouragement to Caribbean

21029563448_e6fe237002_zInternational leaders visit Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

By Loraine Medina, Major – 

 The visit of General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox, world president of women’s ministries, to the Latin America North Territory began in Cuba, where the theme of the congress, “Touched by His Glory,” became a reality for Cuban Salvationists and friends.

The General was welcomed by Maria de Los Angeles from the Cuban Office of Religious Affairs, who spoke about the important work carried out by The Salvation Army in Cuba.

In the welcome meeting a congregation of more than 1,000 people united in singing praises with the help of the Puerto Rico and Virgin Island Divisional Band (USA Eastern Territory). The Caribbean flavor continued in a cultural night, as Salvationists demonstrated their talents through a variety of presentations, including drama, poetry and Caribbean dance.

21029346670_55d6edeae7_zThe international leaders met with young people at a youth rally, and Silvia Cox joined in celebration with more than 600 women at a women’s rally. The Sunday morning holiness meeting featured the enrollment of 115 senior soldiers.

The following day the General and Commissioner Cox flew to the nearby Dominican Republic, where they became the first active international leaders to visit the country. They were welcomed by a government official, Congressman Alexis Jimenez, Rotary Club Representative Angelita Rodriguez, and a group of Dominican women.

Silvia Cox urged more than 300 women to rest in the shadow of God’s love, presence and victory while the General, who had been a member of Rotary while living in Zimbabwe, attended a lunch at the Oriental Dominican Republic Club. Club president, Minerva Acosta, expressed appreciation for the work and disposition of The Salvation Army. In appreciation, Cox was made an honorary member of the club. In response, he recognized Rotary Club member Angelita Rodriguez for her valuable contribution to The Salvation Army’s mission in the Dominican Republic.

21029554008_be25e05d0d_zAt a public meeting, a congregation of 350 worshipped together and the General gave the challenge to be visible Christians in their communities. In response, soldiers and young people surrendered their lives at the mercy seat.

The enrollment of 45 soldiers demonstrated that The Salvation Army is moving forward in the Dominican Republic, a fact also evidenced by the many young people who indicated their acceptance of a calling to officership.

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