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James Knaggs, Commissioner

What we need in The Salvation Army are Proclaimers of the Resurrection. This is a great session name that establishes a strong prophetic hope for the Western Territory. We all need to be proclaimers of the resurrection.

With boldness, our ministries declare our mission of healing, helping and giving hope. There’s resurrection evidence in the lives of the many who are supported, encouraged and stabilized with the support of our service to God. We do so in the name of Jesus and in the hope that all the people we meet will receive God’s love for their very own and experience the resurrection of their own lives as a result.

It’s here in the witness of those who come to faith that the proclamation of the resurrection takes on flesh and becomes convincing. It is in this sequence that the plan of God for the world takes focus and becomes an increasing reality among us.

We are The Salvation Army. Our message and our lifestyles promote this resurrection certainty for all and for today. This message speaks of living above our circumstances and rising beyond our oppressors and difficulties to new heights of living and loving—just as God designed for us.

In this resurrection hope we see marriages reconciled, addictions dropped, hopes renewed and aimlessness made right with purpose. These are all components of the resurrection we proclaim.

Let us then proclaim it from the rooftops and from our workstations, our dinner tables and places of recreation and leisure. Let us leave no ear without the sounds of salvation for all and no eye without the image of a resurrected Lord with love for all.

Will you be a proclaimer of the resurrection? Your life is proclaiming something right now. It might as well be through the loving power of our heavenly Father and filled with his joy, peace and everlasting hope. Then let us march side by side with these newly accepted cadets whose session name becomes one of the banners of our generation: Proclaimers of the Resurrection.



The spice box “To the one whom God has gifted”

The spice box “To the one whom God has gifted”

Sharon Robertson, Lt

a view from the board side “Expect excellence”

a view from the board side “Expect excellence”

Dick Hagerty, Advisory board member Excellence in management and effective board

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