Fresno Dedicates Baby Aaron

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DEDICATION–Major Chet Danielson (R) dedicates baby Aaron as parents Rusty and Kathy James look on.

For the first time in two years, the Fresno Adult Rehabilitation Center Chapel was the scene of an infant dedication. Aaron Nicholas James, two-month-old son of ARC Graduate Beneficiary Rusty James and his wife, Kathy, was dedicated to the Lord by Center Chaplain Major Chet Danielson (R) before a full house.

He is a real miracle gift to Rusty and Kathy. Born lifeless, he was saved by a modern medical miracle and is now a joyous part of the James family.

He has more than 100 uncles and aunties among center beneficiaries and their families, who pledged to pray for him. Particularly they pray that Mom and Dad fulfill their promise to train up Aaron to be God’s man and to live for his glory.

Attendance at chapel is purely voluntary. As a full corps program develops at the ARC, a goal of Captain Man Hee Chang, it is anticipated that such services will become a common experience.

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