Four Valued Officers Enter Retirement

Majors Earl and Annette McInne
s now enter honored retirement. Trained and commissioned as an officer in the Canadian territory, Major Earl McInnes has served 43 years in Army ministry. During 13 years of corps assignments he commanded some of the largest corps in Canada.

He also served on the staff of the Canadian College for Officers’ Training for 10 years, as coordinator for field training and later as assistant principal. He was divisional youth secretary for three years and was commander in two divisions for seven years. From April 1987 to 1990 he was the territorial assistant secretary for Program and director of Church Growth. Major Shirley McInnes was promoted to Glory in 1988.

He has two sons: Steve, in Vancouver, B.C., and Greg, with his wife Patricia, are divisional youth secretaries in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

McInnes initially transferred to the USA West in June 1990 and was appointed to the Northern California & Nevada Division as the general secretary for Church Growth and Evangelism.

In July 1993 McInnes and Captain Annette Fisher were married. The next year they were appointed as assistant secretary for Personnel for Pastoral and Territorial Officers’ Counselor, respectively.

Major Annette McInnes is a registered nurse and has worked as a psychiatric nurse for several years. She has a master’s degree in counseling and served on the faculty of Asbury College for 18 years. During this time, she and her late husband, Professor Lee Fisher, were involved in many aspects of Army service. After his death in 1987, she became the director of Counseling Services at Asbury. She came to the West Coast as an Auxiliary Captain.

In retirement, the McInneses plan to continue work in seminars on marriage and the family. Their address will be: 121 Crown Court, Nicholasville KY 40356-8903.

Majors Kenneth and Joan Angel
will retire from active service on February 28 from their present appointments as administrator and director of special services, Phoenix Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC).

The Angels entered the Training College in San Francisco from Stockton, Calif., and were commissioned with the Courageous session in 1958.

Entirely in the Western Territory, the Angels have each served almost 40 years as officers. Corps appointments were in Butte, Cheyenne, Medford, Boise, Kauluwela and Reno.

In the ARCC, they have served in Oakland, Fresno, Denver, Honolulu and Phoenix. Major Ken Angel attended the International College for Officers in London, and they have received several awards from cities in which they have served.

In Cheyenne and Medford they helped raise new corps, earning them the name of “Builders.” He earned the “Citizen’s Portrait Award” in Boise for their service to the community.

Lt. Colonel Robert Angel (R) and Major Bunny Lane (R) are his brother and sister.

The Angels have three children: Dale, Debra and Darrel. Their foster daughter is Captain Carol Southard, at the San Francisco ARC.

In retirement the Angels will live at 9702 Raintree Drive, Sun City AZ, 85351.

Gariepy Publishes Book on Alaska History

Gariepy Publishes Book on Alaska History

A Century of Service in Alaska (Ed note: The following is excerpted from Colonel



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