Fountain Valley enrolls six

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FOUNTAIN VALLEY junior soldiers proudly display their enrollment certificates

It was a red letter day for the Fountain Valley Corps, Colo., as Captains Ron and Ronalee Fenrich, Intermountain divisional youth secretaries, enrolled the corps’ first Junior soldiers.

“The Salvation Army Fountain Valley Corps has been blessed both spiritually and numerically over the past few years,” said Corps Officer Captain Roy Wild. “The greatest thing about this enrollment is that the parents of all six junior soldiers are first generation adherents or soldiers. Each of these junior soldiers has grown up in the corps and has been coming since its opening four years ago.”

Due to their parents’ commitment to Christ and to the Army, the six have a good foundation on which to further their spiritual commitment and development. Another component to help assure their spiritual development is that the corps officers have assigned prayer partners or shepherds who will be responsible to pray for them over the coming years as they grow in Christ.

“We have been blessed with a tremendous junior soldier sergeant, Madeline Carr, who is very diligent in leading the program. It is tremendous to see how God has been blessing our corps with spiritual growth and commitment, both in a relationship with Jesus and in the mission of the Army. It is good to see that God is preparing whole families to carry on the mission of the Army into the next generation,” Wild stated.


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