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CANADA—In Trail, British Columbia, Kate’s Kitchen—a ministry of The Salvation Army Family Services—resembles an upscale café.

“We’re set up like a restaurant,” Linda Radtke, coordinator, said. “We serve on real china, have placemats and flowers on our tables and framed photos on the wall, and the food is fresh and not something out of a can. Actually, this is one of the nicest restaurants in Trail.”

Named after Catherine Booth, Kate’s caters to mostly low-income people; the cost is 50 cents per meal or $5.00 per month. However, it’s open to any- and everyone, including those on welfare, the lonely and homeless youth with nowhere else to go.

Every food item served is made from scratch with the aid of 35 volunteers. The lunch menu includes sandwiches and casseroles, lasagna, burgers and hot dogs. Once a week, an evening meal offers roast pork, chicken, turkey or roast beef.

The eatery serves from 40 to 70 people during lunchtime and 50 to 100 at dinner.

“Our motive behind everything we do is our love for the Lord—our faith-based background permeates everything we do. We go the extra mile,” Radtke said.

From Salvationist.ca, Feb. 2010

TONGA—The Territorial Women’s Ministries adopted a project reaching beyond Tongan borders: raising funds to build a hair salon in the African village of Runda, located in the Republic of Rwanda.

Getting a haircut in Rwanda can be a life-threatening event. Not only must the customers—including children—walk over 12 miles on dangerous roads to a beauty station, but once there they take a chance by just sitting down in the chair.

Rwandan barbers use sharp scissors and work quickly. The combination of the dangerous blades and the haste of the stylist often result in cutting or nicking the scalps of the patrons. In a country where HIV/AIDS runs rampant, these nicks and cuts can spread the disease.

The goal of the Tonga women’s ministries is not only to construct a building, but also to teach a trainee hairdresser how to cut hair safely and hygienically, thereby helping to curb the spread of AIDS caused by haircuts and providing a safe atmosphere for both children and families.

From the newsletter of the Tonga Women’s Ministries

FrontLines – News briefs of the West

FrontLines – News briefs of the West

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