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FIJI—Many Fijian families will receive assistance in preparing their children for school due to a new partnership between Warehouse Stationery and The Salvation Army, which offers Warehouse customers an opportunity to provide funds for new school supplies.

Warehouse Stationery’s promotion allows shoppers to add $1 or more to purchases as a donation to the Army. All monies raised will go to the Army’s Community Ministries earmarked for families needing help in purchasing school supplies. The promotion is running in all of the company’s 47 stores.

“This is a great partnership and something that has been needed for a very long time,” Major Robbie Ross, public relations secretary, said.

The project will assist struggling families finding it difficult—if not impossible—to meet the ever-increasing costs of preparing kids for school.

IRELAND—The Salvation Army in Ireland is making an after-Christmas plea to all who have received unwanted gifts for the holiday and those who have resolved to clear out all their unused or unwanted household items: Don’t throw it away—donate it to the nearest Army thrift store or clothing bank. Income from donated goods is vital to the Army’s community services programs.

Another innovative way of donating is through eBay where items can be placed for sale on behalf of The Salvation Army UK. Visit www.salvationarmy.org.uk/ebay to find out how to place items on the site and view what is currently posted for sale.

The Salvation Army can also use unwanted cell phones to help improve the lives of people living in poverty. The gift of three phones enables the Army to provide a family with clean water for life. For more information—or to donate your unwanted phones—call 020-7367-4777 or email id@salvationarmy.org.uk. Donated phones may be mailed directly to The Salvation Army, Freeport London 16281, London WC1N 3BR.

PAKISTAN—At a recent wedding in Koryan, accusations circulated that pages from a Holy Quran were desecrated during the ceremony and this triggered a violent breakout against the Christian community. People were driven from their homes and over 50 houses were looted and burned. When The Salvation Army arrived to give assistance, all they found were ashes and four elderly women. Everyone else had fled to safety.

Upon further investigation, the desecration allegation proved to be false; however, the violence continued to spread. Meanwhile, people across the country spoke out against the carnage.

For two days the Army was the only relief agency on the scene providing food, water and eating utensils to the victims, even amid the ongoing hostility.

Today, The Salvation Army team members continue providing relief, working with other religious and government officials.



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