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POLAND—Western Territory officer Major Patrick Granat, currently regional officer in Poland, reports noticeable growth for The Salvation Army in the capital city of Warsaw.

Soldier Tanya Panasiuk developed the popular “Kid’s Club.” She and her team plan to expand the program to include junior soldier classes, timbrel training, and a Sunday school.

Kid’s Club has contributed to increased attendance at the corps. Last year average attendance was 20-25 at services and five to eight at Bible study. In January 2011, numbers climbed to 50-60 on Sundays and over 10 at Bible study.

Daily, about 75 people visit the corps’ drop-in center—opened to accommodate the homeless during the winter. By offering this service, the Army has developed a reputation in the area of competency and compassion.


CANADA—Majors Brian and Julie Slous, corps officers at Heritage Park Temple, Winnipeg, saw nothing but gangs, low-income families and seniors four years ago upon arriving at their new appointment. Most residents didn’t know how to obtain the social services available to them.

The Slouses formed a team to work with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and other agencies to assess area needs. Their research led to establishment of a parish-nursing system—a program that relies on a faith community with a network of health professionals.

After a study of community needs, personnel will develop programs that focus on holistic health and assistance maneuvering the social systems.

The corps has already established a support group for young mothers.

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PAKISTAN—Following the 2010 floods that destroyed villages across the country—leaving many people homeless—the Pakistan people faced the winter cold under difficult circumstances. Despite assistance from both the government and non-government organizations, many still lacked basic necessities.

To help, The Salvation Army’s Canada and Bermuda Territory funded the purchase and distribution of winterized tents, which have several layers to provide sufficient insulation against the cold weather. They are not luxurious, but they could make the difference between life and death for some Pakistanis.

The Salvation Army in Pakistan continues to search for longer-term sustainable development projects.

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Italy—The Salvation Army in Italy has received an appeal from Italian authorities for use of the Army’s Atena Lucana Centre as a temporary home for refugees from northern Africa seeking escape from the political chaos and turmoil in Tunisia and Libya.

Lt. Colonel Daniel Naud, officer commanding of the Army’s work in Italy, has agreed to the request. After preparation, the center will be able to accommodate a minimum of 50 people.

Naud concedes that there is much to do in order to ready the facility for refugees but adds: “We will do our best with the aid of our team of professionals to manage this new situation.”

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News from Zambia

News from Zambia

Major Beryl Pierce corresponds from her appointment in Zambia

Salvation Army Earthquake Response in Japan has to Overcome Weather and Fuel Issues

Salvation Army Earthquake Response in Japan has to Overcome Weather and Fuel Issues

THE Salvation Army’s earthquake response in Japan is continuing its work

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