Elsewhere in the world

Elsewhere in the world


NEW ZEALAND—Commissioner Garth McKenzie, recently retired territorial commander of New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga, received the Insignia of a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to The Salvation Army. McKenzie and his wife, Mel, retired from active duty as officers after 34 years of service to the Army and almost seven years as leaders of the territory. McKenzie is only the fourth New Zealander to lead the New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory.

From the website of the New Zealand War Cry:

ESTONIA—Captains Dan and Anya Henderson, Western officers who serve as corps officers in Narva, Estonia, report that General Paul Rader (Ret.) and Commissioner Kay Rader visited Finland and Estonia for three days in February. Their visit provided “powerful encouragement, and an excellent opportunity for new recruits to meet the essence of the Army!”

The Hendersons expressed their gratitude for the continued support of the international Army. They have requested prayer for local leaders to take initiative, for Easter outreach to School #4, for the return of inactive soldiers to the corps and for their continued strength and wisdom in prioritizing and decision-making.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA—In 2008, the Papua New Guinea Territory commissioned the largest session of new officers in its history. Nineteen Witnesses for Christ were commissioned in Port Moresby, five in Kainantu and two in Lae, with another five already commissioned earlier in the year. Of the 31 new officers, 10 were cadets at the Officer Training College and 21 were flexible training graduates. In his message to the new lieutenants, territorial commander Commissioner Andrew Kalai reminded them: “People won’t always remember what we say, but they will remember how we live.”

From Tokaut, January – February 2009

KENYA—Candice Meiborg (Candy) is a lay missionary affiliated with the US Western Territory; she has served in Kenya since August 2007.

She is involved in carpentry work and gardening, and has a Rabbit Project.

She writes: “The Lord was a carpenter and hopefully likes the furniture I help to make for him here in Kenya. The rabbits have been fruitful and I guess my 400 breeders have had 1,500 babies by now and that is a lot of meat for the poor and the ripple effect will continue to spread as the latter litters come to breeding age and have babies.”

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