Elsewhere in the world

Elsewhere in the world


Mongolia—On October 13, 2008, Mongolia became the most recent addition to the list of countries where The Salvation Army is officially at work. The new ministry will be overseen by the Korea Territory, which has arranged a special fundraising and prayer appeal for this missionary endeavor. Captain Lee, Min-ho and Captain Chang, Mi-hyun, having already been to Mongolia for research and preparation, were charged to open fire for The Salvation Army by General Shaw Clifton during the Korea Centenary Congress in October this year. They departed soon after for Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

From a Salvation Army international news release

Australia—Retired world leader of The Salvation Army, General Eva Burrows, was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award this month by Christian radio station Light FM and the Bible Society of Australia.

General Burrows, known affectionately as the “people’s General,” received the award for “service to the needy on a global scale.”

The General, who spent many years educating children in Africa, led the Army from 1986-1993. She was only the second female world leader in The Salvation Army’s 143-year history, the first being the Founder’s daughter, Evangeline Booth.

From the Australia War Cry, vol. 217, no. 45, Nov. 15, 2008

Estonia—Captains Daniel and Anya Henderson, Western officers, have served for over six years in Narva, Estonia. They dedicate half of their time to the Narva Corps and the other half as assistant to the regional officer with responsibility for projects, property, and public relations in Estonia (Daniel) and responsibility for officer training/education, camps, and youth work in Estonia (Anya).

In September, the Hendersons traveled with 30 members of the Narva Corps to Helsinki, Finland, to attend a congress featuring General Shaw Clifton. The corps’ 10 junior soldiers sang in the open air meeting at the Helsinki Railway Station. Five of the corps’ new senior soldiers and five new junior soldiers participated in a growing Estonian delegation that encouraged Salvation Army soldiers in Finland, whose self-denial giving funds 80 percent of the Army’s work in Estonia.

Pakistan—The Salvation Army in Pakistan has assisted some of the thousands of people made homeless by an earthquake in the north of the country. The tremor, measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale, struck the region near the border with Afghanistan on October 29, killing more than 200 people and destroying whole villages, leaving 45,000 people without homes.

The Salvation Army leadership in Pakistan responded quickly, sending experienced emergency workers Captain MacDonald Chandi and Major Khuram Shazada to the affected region the day after the disaster.

Captain Elizabeth Hayward (International Emergency Services coordinator) said the team in Pakistan is doing an outstanding job in difficult circumstances but adds: “We need funds to allow the team to help as many people as possible. The situation is desperate—people are dying.”

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From a Salvation Army international news release

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