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Poland—In her latest newsletter, Colonel Vibeke Krommenhoek, leader of Project Warsaw, reports a successful Christmas season; The Salvation Army helped many in need. A large donation of toys and goods from American, English and Dutch Salvationists went to a local rehabilitation center, and for the first time, families in Warsaw and Starachowice received a Christmas parcel from the Army.

Attendance at Sunday meetings is growing and progress continues with the cells; one weekly cell meets during the day, another at night.

In Starachowice, the children’s ministry is growing, thanks to a recent holiday club and two regular cells on Saturday, started by Captain Olga Iniutocichin. The children attend a Friday outreach ministry, but wanted to further explore the gospel.

Krommenhoek requests prayer for the children’s outreach in Warsaw, and that Salvationists there will be shown how to make a difference in the neighborhood of Praga—how to build the Army and God’s kingdom. Please pray also for April’s third annual Warsaw conference, themed “Heart to God and Hand to Man.” One emphasis will be reaching new people and building relationships with them.

Canada—The National Council of Welfare, created in 1969, advises Canada’s federal government on the needs and problems of low-income citizens, and the policies and programs affecting them.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Governor General Michaelle Jean recently approved the appointment of The Salvation Army’s Colonel Glen Shepherd to the council for a three-year term.

Members represent the area in which they live; Shepherd will serve in Quebec.

The council communicates directly with the Minster, informs and influences public opinion through reports, and provides a way for people to express their views to the government.

Scotland—The Salvation Army recently joined other denominations in launching the Children’s Ministry Network, an ecumenical organization for children’s workers that aims to share the experiences of those who work with kids. Others involved are the Mission and Discipleship council of the Church of Scotland, the United Reform Church, the Episcopal Church, the Baptist Union and the International Christian College.

A highlight of their launch event was a wall on which participants could write their thoughts. A leadership group will analyze the writings to better respond to the concerns of those working in children’s ministry.
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Around the U.S.

Around the U.S.

Texas—Southwest Airlines has teamed up with The Salvation Army, donating items

Salvation Army comforts following shooting at Northern Illinois University.

Salvation Army comforts following shooting at Northern Illinois University.

The Salvation Army immediately responded on February 14 after a gunman entered a

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