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SINGAPORE—Nurses from The Salvation Army’s Peacehaven Nursing Home united to pledge their compassion and love in caring for the sick, regardless of race, religion or status.

Joining the Eastern Health Alliance, Peacehaven held a celebration themed “Go Light Your World.” Major Raelton Gibbs, program secretary, The Salvation Army Singapore, opened the event in prayer, and Mdm Low Mui Lang, executive director, delivered the Nurses’ Day speech and accompanied leaders in reciting the pledge collectively.



AUSTRALIA—Bonnels Bay corps members recently traveled to Fiji with the single intention of “serving God.” The REACH team—REACH refers to all the corps’ outreach initiatives—spent nine days in central Fiji constructing a concrete volleyball court at the corps and repairing two local houses damaged by a hurricane.

The team also built relationships. The path to personal connections was smoothed with the help of the team’s children, who made instant friends with the local kids and teenagers.

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U.K.—Dunstable Corps Officer Major Carol Evans received a check for 4,328 pounds (over $5,800) from Sainsbury’s, an online shopping service, when it chose The Salvation Army U.K. as its charity of the year for the second consecutive year.



GERMANY—The Salvation Army’s International Sports Ministry team is holding an event—Making Sports Ministry Practical—for leaders and future leaders in Altenkirchen Jan. 16-19, 2014. More information is available at the Sports Ministry website: https://tiny.cc/9ke04w.


BORNEO—The Kuching Corps held its first ever Worship Team Retreat with 14 team members attending the two days of  training. Guest speaker Adrian Lim shared his experience as a singer, composer, musician and bandleader. He also gave practical tips on playing instruments.

The group benefitted from the dedicated time, becoming a cohesive unit as members grew strong bonds.



WORLDWIDE—Social media elements of The Salvation Army’s Worldwide Prayer Meeting caught the eye of the professional panel judging this year’s Christian New Media Awards. The nomination for “Most Creative Use of Social Media” acknowledges that the weekly prayer meeting takes place in the digital domain via Twitter, Facebook and Google Maps, as well as more traditional settings such as corps, divisional and territorial headquarters around the world.

The 3,000 Salvationists and friends, who have so far registered their commitment to pray, span 135 countries, more than have an official Salvation Army presence.

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Get set for the season

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