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PAPUA NEW GUINEA—The Mary and Martha Child Care Centre at Koki recently celebrated Early Childhood Care and Development Day at the school.

Manager Diane Haro stressed the importance of early childhood learning. “When the child reaches the age of 7, their belief system is already established, and the child is already a thinker and a decision-maker,” she said in her speech to attending parents.

The event was a push from the Papua New Guinea Education Department to the government to invest in early child care and education.

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THE PHILIPPINES—The Salvation Army is providing ongoing care for people affected by Typhoon Bopha in December 2012. With winds up to 160 mph, Bopha was a category five super typhoon, leaving 600 dead and thousands homeless.

The Salvation Army responded immediately with food and necessities for almost 500 families. With funding from The Salvation Army World Services Organization (SAWSO) in January, 1,820 vulnerable families received food staples, sleeping mats, blankets, buckets and water dippers.

SAWSO predicts recovery will take months, possibly years. Donations can be made at salvationarmy.org.

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CANADA—Major Roy Langer, divisional director of emergency and disaster services for the Alberta and Northern Territories Division, received a medal of honor from Slave Lake, Alberta, for his efforts after a devastating wildfire in May 2011.

“Major Langer supported the Slave Lake Fire Department, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)…and other first responders by conducting critical incident stress management debriefings and one-on-one interventions,” RCMP chaplain Bob Harper said. “He continued to help others long after the citizens returned home. He also coordinated The Salvation Army Divisional Emergency and Disaster Services who were immediately present after the fires.”

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FIJI—Themed “Band of Brothers,” the annual men’s retreat brought together over 150 men in late December 2012. The main focus was how fathers and husbands can play positive roles in their families and communities.

Eighteen men accepted Christ, 50 agreed to put on the whole armor of God and 75 made commitments to a holy life.

Territorial Commander Commissioner Don Bell attended the event with Major Don Gilger, divisional secretary, Cascade Division, USA Western Territory, teaching on “Signing Up.”

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Kenya Salvation Army officers receive emergency training

Kenya Salvation Army officers receive emergency training

John Berglund, emergency services director for the Greater New York Division,

Battle to BUSINESS

Battle to BUSINESS

VETERAN, homeless entrepreneurs start small businesses with the help of The

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