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UNITED KINGDOM—The Sandwich People team from The Salvation Army’s Lifehouse, Booth House, for homeless men and women in Swindon won the 2010 Michael Whippman Award—run by Homeless, Link—focusing on the contributions of homeless people. Set up to challenge stereotypes about who is homeless, the award shows what is possible if individuals are given the right opportunity.

Daily, about 20 homeless residents make and deliver sandwiches on foot to local companies. Working on the team allows them to get back into a routine, undertake training, gain confidence and develop work skills.

The Sandwich Team decided to invest the prize money in its most important asset—the team members—and is planning a motivational day to celebrate.

AFRICA—Attendance at the World Cup clubs and soccer schools—organized for the duration of the series for children in South Africa and Namibia by The Salvation Army—exceeded all expectations.

Approximately 250 boys and girls attended Namibia’s one-day soccer and “fun day.” Kids at various sites in South Africa took part not only in sports opportunities, but also received information on how to avoid becoming a victim of human trafficking. Volunteers spread the anti-trafficking message throughout communities, at stadiums and at the FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) Fanfest venues, where fans gather to watch matches on a big-screen TV.

Outside donations enabled The Salvation Army to give away educational information and sports equipment—including goalposts—to a number of corps across the territory. The corps will keep the equipment.

The Emangweni Corps in Mpumalanga served a meal every day to 190 children attending their kids’ club.

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PAPUA NEW GUINEA—To help disadvantaged young women meet the needs of their families and possibly increase their economic status, Corps Officer Captain Gaba Bina and Lt. Moive Wemin—from the Koki Church, South Central Division—hosted a weeklong seminar covering basic sewing and flower arranging.

The course provided instruction and hands-on experience in skills that could increase household income.

Ten underprivileged girls from Newton, Talai and Hill settlements attended the classes. The seminar concluded with a presentation of completion certificates.

From Tokaut, May-June 2010

Australia—The Salvation Army film, Our People: the Story of William and Catherine Booth and the Salvation Army, won an award at the International Christian Visual Media Conference, held in St. Louis, Mo., USA. The film received a gold Crown Award in the “Documentary Over $50,000” category.

The movie was the product of Carpenter Media—of The Salvation Army’s Australia Eastern Territory—and Radiant Films—operated by Corey Baudinette, a Melbourne Salvationist who produced and directed the piece.

The conference merges leading Christian producers, directors and distributors worldwide. The Crown Awards recognize excellence in successfully taking the Christian message out of the church and into the secular world.

Our People—the 72-minute film that was five years in the making—was originally conceived in London in August 2009 by then Chief of the Staff Commissioner Robin Dunster.

The documentary is available on DVD through Salvation Army trade departments and at www.ourpeoplefilm.org.

AUSTRALIA—The Salvation Army has joined the New South Wales (NSW) government to help needy households lower their electrical bills.

Qualifying families may apply for a free home power assessment and receive a savings kit designed to cut their bill by 20 percent. Centrelink pensioners, energy utility hardship customers, community housing and Housing NSW tenants, low-income healthcare and most Veterans’ Affairs cardholders can receive a free one-hour visit from an energy expert.

The program is expected to save families $21 million on power bills and prevent 160,000 tons of carbon pollution each year.

From Warcry/au, June 26, 2

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